Penland School of Crafts July 22 – July 3


Penland becomes an addiction. On this my third visit, I study paper cutting with Beatrice Coron, mistress of cut stories. The campus invites exploration. I am calmed and seduced by the 450 acres of green. Everyone is happy to be here. Classes run 9-5, but most, including me work into the night. Some stencil, rub or dye but it is the black cut silhouettes that call to me. The two weeks are very short. I love the clean sharpness, but also the personal markings the hand makes in forming cut image. I come home needing to cut again.




Summer Writers Colony at the Newschool – Poetry – June 1- 18


This workshop has meant crammed days filled with craft seminars and intensive poetry workshops. Poetry has been a new and slightly unnerving exploration. Noon to 8 pm, it has been three weeks of new writing, as well as peer-to-peer critique. I loved Kathleen Ossip’s smile and gentle but firm direction. The evening literary salons had me reading notable but unfamiliar voices. When the three weeks were over my non-fiction writing had absorbed some poetry.

Irving Penn Centennial – Metropolitian Museum of Art

Fashion, Visits

This is a show following the trajectory of one of America’s most iconic photographers. I was able to admire his perfection in spare elegance,  as I observed his inquiry changing the language of fashion photography,  finding the authentic core of portrait subjects,  examining the topography of the female nude and capturing the essence of the other in foreign locals. I knew the facts of this photographer. They paled in comparison to the  visuals.

Introduction the Jewelry design – Kean University


15 weeks with the extraordinary Jennifer Crupi, an inspiring, kind patient instructor.  In Fall 2016, I rushed from home to Kean University on Wednesdays for 5 hours of instruction and then dashed off to teach at Parsons in the late afternoon. On Thursdays I headed to Kean for 5 hours of open studio. The bug had bitten me.

Penland School of Crafts June 26 – July 8


Artful Eating Utensils with Boris Bally and Seliena Coyle was a wonderful intensive two week dip into the world of small metal craft. This was my first real exposure to the joys of metal work. I admire Boris’s fluid craft skills and his obvious joy in materials and making.  I feel privileged to have accomplished jewelers Pamela Argienti and Phil Renzo join us as classmates and generously share their expertise. I learned I absolutely had to learn more.


The Houdini Museum


As I purused a sea of Intenet newsletters my eye stopped on a small article in Timeout.

Six little known New York museums. A knowledgable New Yorker I had at least heard of most of the museums in my hometown.

Somehow I had missed the vest pocket sized Houdini Museum residing in the lobby of a magic shop on the third floor of a building across the street from Penn Station and above Sbarros.

This little gem is a quick visit and curiousity. Stop by. This is the second biggest Houdini collection in the world. The largest resides in Las Vegas with David CopperField.

Who knew?

On The Town


This show was one of the most quintessential New York movies. I am a died in the wool New Yorker, so a special place in my heart welcomes the nostalgic exuberance of this Broadway revival. There is dance, wonderful dance that harks back to the original Bernstein “Fancy Free”. The staging includes a fun use of digital animation. It just made me happy.



The David H. Koch Theater at Lincoln Center

Beautiful, artful dancing, a light storytelling pantomine. The story of Pearl S. Buck is blended with  into the elegant evocative beauty of a classic Chinese poem Within innovative simple scenery we were able to appreciate the skill of of the Zhenhing modern dance company  .I was afraid i would be seeing an unclear cacaphony. Instead I was swept away in by the skill of the modern dancers from Zhenjiang, China.