America is Hard to See


The Whitney Museum of American Art – Downtown – Inaugural show

The Whitney Museum never interested me. I tend to enjoy a concrete image. I associated  this museum with large abstracts and modern concepts so esoteric they needed to be clearly defined as art or the viewer might remain seriously confused .

This show changed my mind. In three floors and 22 categories it chronicled the evolution of a modern American art perspective. It mixed painting, video, drawing, sculpture and photography seamlessly to explain transition.  I learned in the spacious well designed new galleries.

The best part, the absolute best part is the location, off  museum mile…downtown. Only hardier tourists will make the trek. Perhaps for awhile we can still enjoy the art  here without the hordes always in residence at MOMA.

I found much I loved in the mix:  Jacob Lawrence, Richard  Lindner, Edward Stiechen, WeeGee, Lissette Model… and Calder’s Circus.

Go .. go now