Matthew Weiner’s Mad Men


The Museum of the Moving Image

I was born in the mid fifties. The 1960’s and 1970’s were my formative years. Mad Men struck a cord with me, as it did for so many Boomers. The meticulously constructed show not only told good stories, it transported you back.

The details were perfect, authentic, from Betty Draper’s neo-colonial kitchen to offices of Sterling, Draper, Pryce. The clothes were familiar, true, not over dramatized, without the slightest overtone of our modern. This show lifts the curtain. We get a glimpse at how the illusions were created. I saw props that could have come straight from my childhood. Now the style is called Mid Century Modern. At that time it was just modern. I remember harvest gold appliances and chrome cocktail shakers. See it before it is gone in early September, especially if that time still lives in your heart.